One of a kind

Our award-winning jellies are 80-90% honey with a unique texture and spread of smooth jelly.  
Pecan Honey Jelly is delicious on traditional southern hot biscuits, but  versatile enough to give the perfect touch when used in recipes from hor d’oeuvres to entrees to desserts.

Always Fresh

   Our handcrafted honey jellies are made with the finest honey available and flavored with fresh fruits, nuts and herbs. From the rosemary in our garden to the pecans on the trees, we only use the freshest ingredients.

Small Batch

Our Southern Gourmet Jellies  are made by hand in small batches ensuring that the taste, texture, and appearance of every jar of jelly we make is consistent.


Cinnamon Honey Jelly  turns dry or

 buttered toast into cinnamon toast with 

a sweep of the knife. Try it in hot baked

sweet potatoes, or as a snack on banana




Pecan Honey Jelly is made with fresh

Georgia pecans.  Use it to instantly

turn toast into a pecan sticky bun.  Or

on cream cheese or as a glaze on grilled