Honeyberry Farm's Honey Jelly

Our small batch, award-winning, patented Honey Jelly

is available in 11 flavors.

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About Us

Honeyberry Farm has been making Honey Jelly since 1994 in our Knoxville, Tennessee kitchen.  Over the years, we have developed eleven different flavors.  Our patented recipes result in a unique  product that has the flavor of honey and the texture of jelly.


What We Do


Honeyberry Farm's artisan honey jellies are made in small batches using a patented formula that produces jellies varying from 70-85% pure honey.  With all that honey, Honeyberry's jellies have a strong honey flavor. Their flavor added to the jelly texture and mouthfeel makes a product that customers can't resist.  "It tastes great AND it tastes great and it's not messy!" they exclaim.


Honeyberry's non fat, gluten free jellies, made with nature's favorite sweetener, pure honey, add sweetness and zestful flavors to whole grain breads and muffins, rice cakes and sweet potatoes.

Bread Spreads Plus

Honeyberry's usage ideas and recipes expand the ways consumers will use these jellies.  Turning the jellies into flavoring syrups for cakes and ice cream, glazes and condiments for meat or cheeses, are ideas that make them great from  "your morning toast to your evening roast."

Our Flavors

Honeyberry Farm offers eleven different flavors of Honey Jelly.

Honey is blended with fresh nuts, fruits and herbs

to give the most exquisite flavor sensations.

Options For Everyone

Private Label

We offer private labeling and protected territories.


Make money for your organization selling Honeyberry’s Honey Jelly.  We provide you with “Pandemic-proof” fundraising program, with an online ordering brochure and suggestions for curb-side pickup.  Click here for an example  of a  fundraising drive

Festivals & Fairs

Add Honeyberry Farm’s honey jelly to your sales at festivals, fairs, craft shows, art shows, music festivals or holiday shows.

Wedding and Party Favors

Give that special day some “Southern Charm” with our two ounce jars of honey jelly. Contact us for minimums, costs, availability and options.

Wholesale to Retail Outlets

Get in touch with us for information regarding costs, minimum orders, shipping and availability,

Corporate Gifts

Our two ounce jars make great corporate party gifts. Give them in singles or combine into packages. Give one flavor or a variety of flavors. Contact us for minimum order numbers, costs, availability, etc.

What our customers have to say 

The Pear Honey Jelly is so fine.  It reminds me of my childhood.


 I absolutely love the pecan, cinnamon, jalapeño ...I can't even decide which is my favorite.


This is the best stuff. Ever. Thank you!


I made a glaze with the pecan honey jelly and put in on a chocolate cake - Perfect.


I am so very pleased with the Rosemary Balsamic.  I served it with roast lamb and my guests said it was divine!



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