Honeyberry Farm has been making Honey Jelly since 1994 in our Knoxville, Tennessee kitchen.  Over the years, we have developed eleven different flavors.  Our patented recipes result in a unique  product that has the flavor of honey and the texture of jelly.  We started by selling our jellies at festivals and farmer’s markets across the south.  As we grew, we started entering the competition at the Atlanta Food Show where our products always took home the top prizes.  And as time went on, we shifted our focus to wholesale sales and private label sales.  Shoppers can find our jellies in food specialty shops across the South East.


Honey Berry Farm offers eleven different flavors of Honey Jelly.

Honey is blended with fresh nuts, fruits and herbs

to give the most exquisite flavor sensations.



Honey mixed with fresh Georgia pecans.

Our most popular flavor



The perfect blend of Raspberies

and Orange Blossom Honey!



Honey and Georgia peaches with

a pinch of cinnamon and amaretto

Options For Everyone

Wholesale & Private Label


Corporate Gifts