Signature Flavors

Our Signature Flavors, first introduced in 1994  are available from season to season.





Pecan Honey Jelly

Pecan Honey Jelly is our most distinctive flavor and in a year has become our best-selling jelly. It marries clover honey with Georgia pecans, brown sugar, and a buttered-pecan flavor. Scrumptious! Use it to instantly turn toast into a pecan sticky bun.


Clover Honey Jelly

Clover Honey Jelly was our first product. As a child I remember seeing honeybee hives along the edges of beautiful fields of blooming clover. Honeybees “work” a variety of blossoms depending upon the time of year but honey from clover has a unique taste and color.

Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples Honey Jelly in 8 ounce jar
Caramel Apples Honey Jelly

If we had to choose one word to describe this one: decadent. Clover honey mixed with homemade caramel, diced apples, pineapple, cinnamon and brown sugar roasted pecans.


Orange Date Nut

Orange Date-Nut Honey Jelly 8 oz. jar

Orange Date-Nut Honey Jelly

Orange Date Nut Honey Jelly has become a household favorite, well in our house, at least! The warm, memory-inspiring smell of cinnamon and spices brings a smile to our faces.  It is a refined flavor, yet complex enough to hold it’s own.


Peach Honey Jelly

Peach Honey Jelly is one of my favorites. My grandmother insisted on Georgia Belle peaches for her peach preserves, and I chose this peach flavor from my memory, added a little cinnamon and amaretto.


Berry Jalapeño

Berry Jalapeño Honey Jelly

Berry Jalapeño is one of our newest flavors.  We’ve mixed cranberries, cherries, blueberries and jalapeño  with honey.  It has a light-medium KICK and is delicious to cook with!  Also a popular use for baked brie and mixed with cream cheese as a dip or a spread.







Cinnamon Honey Jelly

Cinnamon Honey Jelly is my sister’s favorite. Flavored with cinnamon, it turns dry or buttered toast into cinnamon toast with a sweep of the knife. She uses it in hot baked sweet potatoes, and as a snack on banana slices.