Honeyberry Farm offers a “pandemic era” fundraising program, when you sell our jars of Honey Jelly


Honey Jelly Made in Tn

The New Standard in “Contactless Fundraising”

Sell On-Line

HBF sets up a storefront web page for your organization that includes the purpose for the fundraiser, information on the Honey Jelly,  and a payment portal and shopping cart.


The organization members share  the website through email, social media,  newsletters, phone calls, and encourage people to support their cause by buying the jellies

Curbside Pickup

When the fundraising drive is over, set a date, contact your supporters, set up a  distribution (curbside shopping)  center in the parking lot a distribute the jellies.


Collect the Money and Place the Orders

The website payment portal will deposit money in a bank account of your choosing, along with the particulars of each sale (Name, email, phone, number of jars, etc).  When the fundraising drive is completed,  place your order with Honeyberry Farm and the product will be delivered to you within 2 – 3 weeks.

Set Up Curbside Pick-up

When the jellies are delivered, set up a curbside pick-up in the parking lot.  You will have the info on each sale so that you can contact the buyer.  When they arrive, just check their receipt (they are instructed to download their receipt when they buy) with your list before giving them their jelles.

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