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Here are our current products. Our new 2003 new products will appear on the website in July, and at Harvest and Christmas Shows in October.

Clover Honey Jelly was our first product. As a child I remember seeing honeybee hives along the edges of beautiful fields of blooming clover. Honeybees "work" a variety of blossoms depending upon the time of year but honey from clover has a unique taste and color. The most popular honey on the grocery shelf is clover. Our Clover Honey Jelly has that flavor, but it's not runny!

Orange Blossom Honey Jelly is made from the very aromatic and flavorful honey produced by the bees working the blossoms in the orange groves of Florida, California, and South America. It is my favorite honey for jelly making. This was our best-selling product until we made our Pecan Honey Jelly.

Pecan Honey Jelly is our newest and most distinctive flavor and in a year has become our best-selling jelly. It marries clover honey with Georgia pecans, brown sugar, and a buttered-pecan flavor. Scrumptious! Use it to instantly turn toast into a pecan sticky bun. (I have some very sophisticated customers who admit to eating Pecan Honey Jelly from a teaspoon. Forget the bread!)

Raspberry Honey Jelly - I make the jelly with orange blossom honey and flavor it with a natural raspberry flavor. As a food technologist, this is my favorite because the flavor blend is so well-balanced. You can taste honey and raspberry equally. This jelly is wonderful with bagels and cream cheese.

Cinnamon Honey Jelly is my sister's favorite. Flavored with cinnamon, it turns dry or buttered toast into cinnamon toast with a sweep of the knife. She uses it in hot baked sweet potatoes, and as a snack on banana slices.

Peach Honey Jelly is one of my favorites. My grandmother insisted on Georgia Belle peaches for her peach preserves, and I would sit beside her eating the ripe skin peelings that she was preparing. I chose this peach flavor from my memory, added a little cinnamon and amaretto, and made the jelly for a hot buttered biscuit.

Rosemary Balsamic Honey Jelly came to me during a tour of English gardens. English Rosemary Jelly has sugar and cider vinegar - Honey and Balsamic make it better! On the plate beside a grilled lamp chop, this jelly is true perfection. On top of baked Brie it is awesome!

Tennessee Liquid Honey comes from the mountains and plateaus of Eastern and Middle Tennessee and is harvested by my friends and relatives who keep bees. This is pure honey with no additives. It will almost always contain some of the fabled sourwood honey.

Tennessee Creamed Honey is available plain and flavored. Creamed honey has been turned to sugar under conditions which made the sugar particles very fine. This honey has a wonderful silky texture and mouthfeel. It contains no dairy products and can only be shipped from October through mid-April - because it melts in hot weather.